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Vivid Soju 참맑은Charm Malgeun

Industry Leading Beverage

Many of VividSoju's customers rate us as a leading liquor distributor. Thanks to this, we were able to grow into one of Australia's best companies today. If you are looking for the best product at a reasonable price, it will be the answer. Additional information about the company's work is provided below.


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Charm Malgeun

VividSoju's family is well aware that the mainstream industry is changing. Since its inception, we have undergone a variety of changes and have become the premier player among Australian clients. We do not doubt that you will be satisfied with the products and services we offer. Contact us today and find out about our range of services and products.


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Beverage List

참맑은 사과.png

Apple 사과

ALC 13.5% / VOL 360mL

Mango​ 망고

ALC 13.5% / VOL 360mL

참맑은 망고.png
참맑은 인삼.png

Ginseng 인삼

ALC 19% / VOL 360mL

Lychee 라이찌

ALC 13.5% / VOL 360mL

Lychee Soju.png
참맑은 레몬라임.png

Lemon Lime 레몬 라임

ALC 13.5% / VOL 360mL

Green Grape 청포도

ALC 13.5% / VOL 360mL

참맑은 청포도.png
참맑은 오리지널.png

Original 오리지널

ALC 17.5% / VOL 360mL

Watermelon 수박

ALC 13.5% / VOL 360mL

참맑은 수박.png
참맑은 복숭아.png

Peach 복숭아

ALC 13.5% / VOL 360mL

Melon 멜론

ALC 13.5% / VOL 360mL

참맑은 멜론.png
참맑은 블루베리.png

Blueberry 블루베리

ALC 13.5% / VOL 360mL

Raspberry 산딸기

ALC 13.5% / VOL 360mL

참맑은 라즈베리.png
참맑은 코코넛.png

Coconut 코코넛

ALC 13.5% / VOL 360mL

Honey 꿀

ALC 13.5% / VOL 360mL

참맑은 꿀.png
참맑은 딸기.png

Strawberry 딸기

ALC 13.5% / VOL 360mL

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Contact us

14 Loyalty Road, North Rocks, NSW 2151 Australia

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