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Vivid Melon Margarita

450mL Tequila

60mL Vivid Melon

40mL Lime juice

A piece of Lime wedge

Kosher Salt on small plate

1.Run lime wedge along rim of long stemmed cocktail glass.

2.Dip rim into salt and set aside.

3.Add tequila, vivid melon and lime juice to a cocktail shaker half filled with crushed ice.

4.Shake well and strain into prepared glass.


Vivid Apple Scotch

50mL Vivid Honey

30mL Fat Ass Strong Apple Cider

Ice Cubes 

A piece of Apple

1.Add the Vivid Honey, Fat ass apple cider and ice cubes 

2.Shake hard and strain into a glass 

3.Garnish with a slice of apple


Vivid Strawberry Martini

60mL Vivid Strawberry

45mL Vivid Original

30mL Lemon Juice 

1 Cup Crushed Ice

1 Teaspoon Sugar 

1.Add the Vivid Strawberry, Lemon Juice and ICe. Shake hard and strain into martini, coupe, or old-fashioned glass.  

2.Garnish with a strawberry.

3.Garnish with a slice of apple


Peach Side Peach

50mL Vivid Peach

50mL Fat Ass Ginger

30mL Pinapple Juice

30mL Cranberry Juice

15mL Fresh Lime Juice

Ice Cube and peach slices

1.Combine the first 3 ingredients in an ice filled shaker. 

2.Shake well. Strain into and ice filled Collins glass.

3.Top with the Fat ass ginger. Garnish with peach slices.


Vivid Pinacolada

60mL Vivid Coconut

40mL Vivid Melon

200mL chilled Pineapple Juice 

125mL Coconut milk

30mL Lime Juice  

1Cup Crushed Ice

1.Place Pinapple juice, coconut milk, vivid coconut, vivid melon, lime juice and ice in jug of a blender and blend until combined.

2.Pour among glasses to serve.

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